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Delegate Guidelines

Poster Presentation

  1. Please prepare and print your posters using the A1-sized [59.4cm (W) x 84.1cm (H)] PowerPoint template provided. Click here to download the poster template.

  2. Please maintain all required information in the HEADER shown in the template. Feel free to add a background to the header of your poster. You may also include the logo of your institution/organization in the header.

  3. Please maintain the FOOTER provided in the template.

  4. Posters should include a brief introduction, goals, experimental methods, conclusions, and references, presented in a logical and clear sequence.

  5. The content of the poster should be easily readable from an approximate distance of 2 metres.

  6. You are highly encouraged to hand-carry your poster to the conference venue, using a tubular packaging or a portfolio case. The costs associated with the preparation and shipping of the poster is to be borne by the participants.

  7. Pushpins or thumbtacks will be provided to mount your poster on the day of event.

  8. The designated location of your poster set-up will be provided upon registration on the day of the event.

  9. The poster presentation schedule will be made available nearing the event date. You will also be able to check the schedule upon registration on the day of the event.

  10. You are required to be stationed at the venue to present your work to the judges, visitors, or attendees.

  11. The "Best Poster Presentation Award" will be presented during the closing ceremony of the event.

Oral Presentation (Physical/Online)

To ensure that your presentation is delivered smoothly, you are encouraged to adhere to the presentation guidelines below:

General Guidelines:

  1. Each presenter will be given a time slot of 15 minutes in total (including 12 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A with the attendees).

  2. The PowerPoint slides for your oral presentation should be in a 16:9 aspect ratio. This setting can be found under the "Design" tab and the slide size "Widescreen (16:9)".

  3. Please disclose all funding sources and conflict(s) of interest to the audience before your presentation. Your disclosure(s) should be stated on the second slide of your presentation.

  4. Use appropriate font size so that your slides are easily readable, typically, at least 20-point fonts should be used.

  5. Please use English (United Kingdom) as your mode of communication at all times. The content of your work shall be shown and presented in English. Standard abbreviations are acceptable.

  6. If you wish to incorporate videos to your presentation, videos must be embedded in the PowerPoint slides. Do not use links to YouTube or other webservices in your presentations.


On the Day of Presentation: For Physical Presenters

  1. For participants who will be presenting at the conference venue, please save a copy of your slides (PowerPoint format) on a USB drive prior to the event day.

  2. Please provide your presentation slides (on the USB drive) to the secretariats available at the meeting room. Please note that presenters are NOT encouraged to connect personal devices to the projector screen during presentations.

  3. Your slides will be opened using a device equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. We recommend that you also save a separate copy of your slides in PDF format on the USB. In the event that your slides are not compatible with our version of Microsoft Powerpoint, you may present with the PDF slides.

  4. The presentation schedule will be made available nearing the event date. You will also be able to check the schedule upon registration on the day of the event.

  5. You are encourged to be in the hall at least 30 minutes in advance to fine-tune the session with the session chairs and other presenters.

  6. Each session will be moderated by a session chair, and they will notify you when your presentation time is coming to an end.

  7. Before beginning your presentation, you should make a brief self-introduction to the session chairs.

  8. Online presenters will be able to view the screen via live stream. Online presenters may raise questions to physical presenters via audio or the comment box.

  9. Please be respectful of your fellow presenters and their allocated time by staying within the time allocated and complying with the session chairs if they ask you to wrap up your presentation.


On the Day of Presentation: For Online Presenters

  1. For online presenters, you will receive your credentials to access the conference (using MS Teams) via email 1 week before the conference.

  2. On the day of the event, you are required to check your scheduled presentation timeslot. Please join using the meeting link provided at least 30 minutes in advance.

  3. You are highly encouraged to ensure all audio/visual features are working fine before the conference. You will be required to share your screen during your presentation.

  4. Your shared screen will also be displayed on the screen at the event venue. Physical presenters may raise questions to online presenters.

  5. Please plan your presentation in advance and ensure minimal background noise during your presentation.

  6. When viewing other presentations, remember to keep your device's microphone muted to prevent any interference to the presentations.


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